Ethiopia Queen City Harrar 

Location: Harrar, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1,800 Meters, (5,905 Feet)

Process: Fully Natural

Drying: Sun Dried

Harvest period: October - December

After blending this coffee then undergoes an intensive hand-sorting procedure that removes up to 25% of the beans as defective in order to ensure a preparation that is superior to any other coffee that you will find from the Harrar region.

Indian Monsoon Malabar AA

Location: Southern region of Mysore Coorg, India

Altitude: 914 - 1,828 Meters (3,000 - 6,000 Feet)

Process & Drying: Whole crop cherry coffee is selected and sun-dried. The dried beans are cured and sorted into ‘AA’ and ‘A’ grades, after which they are stored in warehouses till the onset of monsoon season. From June through September, the selected beans are exposed to moisture-laden monsoon winds in well-ventilated warehouses (12 to 16 weeks time). The monsoon process involves careful handling, repeated spreading, raking and turning the beans at regular intervals. The beans absorb moisture and get significantly larger turning from green to a gold color.

Harvest period: November - February

Cupping notes: Bakers choc roasted Vienna

 The origination of Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee dates back to the era when wooden ships loaded with raw coffee beans would take up to 6 months to travel from India to Europe, sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. During the months that the coffee beans were transported at sea, the humidity and ocean winds combined to cause the coffee to change from its fresh green color to a more aged, pale yellow hue. Upon their arrival in Europe, the coffee beans were found to have a unique mellowness, soft and smooth tasting throughout the cup, so that the coffee became an instant hit with Europeans, paving the way for the birth of a new coffee type. Today these conditions are replicated in warehouses during the Indian monsoon season so that the coffee beans, exposed to constant humid conditions, undergo the same characteristic changes in size, texture, appearance and in the cup.

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora 

Location: La Pastora, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1,448 Meters (4,750 Feet)

Process: Washed

Drying: Sun Dried

Harvest period: December - March

Cupping notes: Caramel mild lemon roasted at medium

CoopeTarrazu RL was established in 1970 and since that time has become one of the major contributors to the economic development in the Los Santos region of Tarrazu. Annually, the coop employs approximately 10,000 people; either directly in coffee production or in a supporting role. Coope Tarrazu works in partnership with the organization Earthwatch to continue advancements in research and development of sustainable practices for agricultural production.CoopeTarrazu RL controls the entire production process, from picking the cherry through the milling, drying, and exporting procedures, thereby assuring consistent supervision during the coffee production. Their quality control standards are replicated lot after lot, year after year, and that enables them to deliver their excellent quality coffee to the specialty market.